Transferring to Champlain!

Hey everyone!

A little about myself before I talk about my experience with being a transfer student.  My name is Adam, and I am 24 years old.  I got my Associates degree in Architecture at a community college in Syracuse, NY.  After that I transferred to a school in Boston called the Boston Architectural College, and I was there for about a year.  I transferred up here to Burlington this past fall ’11, but started during the summer.  The amount of transfer credits that I brought in was 62, mostly counting in electives and other things.  I am a Game Art and Animation major.  I absolutely love it up here, and I’ll tell you why.

Being a transfer student at Champlain College is something that to me seemed challenging at first for various reasons.  One of the reasons for me personally, was the fact that I would be so much older than my classmates, considering how the transfer process works.  It is required for all transfers to take the Summer Bridge program in which we take the entire first year of CORE (general education), in a given six week period.  The summer classes are typically 3 hour classes, five times a week, starting on Mondays at 9 am which go until noon.

Personally I enjoyed the class because of the great professor I had, we had great times during the summer and sometimes he even let us go early because it was so nice out.  Pretty much all of summer we would have class outside, which was awesome!  Now back to when I mentioned that the age difference was something that worried me.  I just finished my Sophomore CORE classes, and my Freshman Game Art classes.  I was somewhere in between a freshman and a Sophmore… a Freshmore… In my Game Art classes, I had classmates who were just barely 18, and I thought to myself “I’m 23, and these kids are still teenagers!”  It was difficult at first, but I did meet some great friends, despite the age range.  If you are of age, and you like to go dancing or go out, downtown Burlington has got to be one of the best places I’ve visited, and experienced compared to everywhere else I’ve been.  Another aspect of being a transfer student, is I live off campus so that makes me a commuter.  I literally did not meet many people during the bridge program because I was never around on campus to see them; they had stayed on campus in one of the dorms for the entire program.  I didn’t feel like I was as involved in this new college as I should be, or that I wanted to be.  So I joined the rugby team, thinking that it would allow me to meet some people, and I could have some sort of structure in my life.  Before I knew it, I was making connections and meeting new people that I can now call close friends.  A few of them are actually graduating, and it is a little sad, even though I only knew them for a short two semesters.  I also started working in the Admissions Office  because of my past experience as a Student Ambassador at my other college, thinking that it would benefit me more with getting involved, and low and behold I was right!  Everything that this school has to offer, has made my college experience something that I will never forget, and being at two other schools, I realize how great Champlain is in comparison.  I hope that your experience will be as great as mine, or even better, if you so choose to come to Champlain College.  If you would like to get a hold of me, please feel free to ask me any questions regarding, well, anything!



3 thoughts on “Transferring to Champlain!

  1. Hey Adam, I have to say, this is quite an amazing, not to mention informative blog on the struggle a transfer student must go through. You really cleared up some points for me on the summer bridge program, and the way it’s described makes me want to apply right now. But I do have a question however. I’m not sure if I misunderstood, but I don’t think you specifically mention in your blog how many years your associates degree took before transferring, or whether or not the amount of years spent at the community college affected what “class” you enter Champlain as (freshman, sophomore, junior, etc..). I look forward to a response, thanks!

    • Hello there!
      Thank you for the compliments on my blog! I am glad to see it helped you out! My associated degree too me 2.5 years to complete, because I did an extra semester at a different college in my home town. So entering into Champlain, you get credits based on things you have done at other colleges, and you can have credits accepted from the programs taken, so hopefully they will match up with what we have done here. The difference with Champlain in transferring into and out of, is the CORE classes, which are Champlain’s spin on Liberal Arts. Depending on your area of study will more or less place you in Champlain as either sophmore, junior, etc. status.
      If you’d like to get in touch with our Senior Transfer Admissions Manager, Amber Rich, she would be able to answer more specifically how long it would take. Email her at, for more information and any further questions.
      I hope this helped out! Thank you for reading my blog!
      Good luck with everything in the future.

      • Thank you for the response Adam, it was very helpful! I plan on emailing Ms. Rich right away with some other things I was curious about. Although I won’t be able to enter Champlain directly, you’ve given me hope that a transfer may offer the same if not a more lasting experience. Thanks again for the response!

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